Nevrokard flexible, versatile, professional software tools for serious research of the autonomic nervous system & sleep apnea in humans. 

Nevrokard small animals - SA - programs specialized tools for study of Heart Rate Variabiliy (HRV), Blood Pressure Variability (BPV) and Baroreflex Sensitivity (BRS) in mice, rats and other small animals.

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aHRV Analysis
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THE software for advanced Heart Rate Variability Analysis, suitable also for fetal Heart Rate Variability. Includes both a manual AND an automatic Data Editor, as well as the Export Results utility! Small Animal advanced Heart Rate Variability Analysis SA-aHRV software is available as well!

LT-aHRV Long-term advanced Heart Rate Variability software for segmented analysis of ECG recordings, with numeric and 3D graphic output of results. Compatible with the same file types as Nevrokard aHRV. Small Animal advanced Heart Rate Variability Analysis SA-LTaHRV software is available as well!
OSAS Software for direct comparison of Heart Rate Variability parameters in the time and frequency domains during periods of wakefulness and sleep, thus enabling the doctor to quantify the suspicion of obstructive sleep apnea in the patient.
BPV Software for Blood Pressure Variability Analysis - compatible with Finapres, Finometer, Portapres, Colin and BIOPAC monitors. Small Animal Blood Pressure Variability Analysis SA-BPV software is available as well!
BRS Software for Baroreflex Sensitivity Analysis  - compatible with Finapres, Finometer, Portapres, Colin and BIOPAC monitors. Small Animal Baroreflex Sensitivity Analysis SA-BRS software is available as well!
CVPA Software for analysis of all the Cardiovascular Parameters recorded by non-invasive continuous cardiac output monitor Finometer (Finapres) or Niccomo (Medis) in both time and frequency domains.
LDDA(5) Laser Doppler Data Analysis - software for analysis of data obtained with Laser Doppler instruments (e.g. Moor Instruments or Perimed) for evaluation of microvascular perfusion.
Our analytical software is compatible with most data formats and with files acquired by the following major data acquisition systems:
  Axon Instruments     Forest Medical   Nihon Kohden
  Bio-Impedance Technology, Inc.   Freeze-Framer   Philips-Zymed
  Bio-Logic Science Instruments   GE Marquette   Polar
  BIOPAC Systems AcqKnowledge   iWorx   PowerLab
  BIOPAC Zephyr BioHarness   LiDCO plus   Rozinn
  BIT Bio-Impedance Technology   med-NATIC   RS Techmedic Dyna-Vision
  BMEYE  Nexfin   Medis Medizinische Messtechnik   SIGMA Medizin-Technik
  Cardiac Science Burdick   Mega Electronics eMotion   Somnologica
  Cardiax   MiniAnalysis   SOMNOmedics
  CED Cambridge Electronic Design   Mini Mitter   Spacelabs Medical
 Custo med Gmbh.   Moor Instruments   Stethographics
  DATAQ Instruments   Mortara H-Scribe   Suunto   
  Del Mar Reynolds   National Instruments BioBench   TMS International
  DSI - Data Sciences International   Nerve-Express   Vitaport
  Finapres Medical Systems   Neuroscan-Compumedics   XLTEK

Nevrokard aHRV, LT-aHRV and OSAS programs are also compatible with databases of electrocardiograms available on the PhysioBank website (MIT-BIH Database). 

If you experience any problems whatsoever with Nevrokard compatibility of your files, you can count on our assistance. We will make all your files, both pre-existent and future, compatible with Nevrokard. 


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Current versions

First released
  aHRV 13.4.0 1987
  LT-aHRV 6.1.0 2003
  OSAS 1.7.0 2005
  BPV 9.0.0 1995
  BRS 6.3.0 2003
  CVPA 2.3.0 2006
  LDDA(5) 8.1.0 1997
  SA-aHRV 8.4.0 2004
  SA-LTaHRV 5.8.0 2004
  SA-BPV 3.8.0 2004
  SA-BRS 4.3.0 2004

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