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    PROGRAM*   Price  


  Nevrokard  aHRV               

  EUR   1,500



  Nevrokard  LT-aHRV 

  EUR   1,600


    Nevrokard  OSAS   EUR   1,200  


  Nevrokard  BPV

  EUR   1,200



  Nevrokard  BRS

  EUR   1,350


    Nevrokard  CVPA   EUR   1,900  

  Nevrokard  LDDA(5)

  EUR   1,000  


  Nevrokard  SA-aHRV

  EUR   1,600


    Nevrokard  SA-LTaHRV   EUR   1,900  


  Nevrokard  SA-BPV 

  EUR   1,350


    Nevrokard  SA-BRS   EUR   1,500  
    Dongle*   EUR     400  
    Replacement of lost dongle   EUR   1,000  

Any combination of two programs and dongle(s): 20% discount.

Any combination of three or more programs and dongle(s): 20% discount on the two most expensive programs and 50% discount on the dongles and less expensive programs.

In order to take advantage of these discounts, the programs and dongles must be purchased with a single purchase order. 

* Each software program will only work with a dongle coded for that program and inserted into a USB port. A dongle will thus enable the user to use the software in any number of computers consecutively, but only in a single computer at any one time. A dongle can be coded for one or more Nevrokard programs. A dongle purchase is obligatory with the first purchase of Nevrokard software.

Nevrokard dongle users may purchase an additional Nevrokard program without a dongle at any time; their dongle will be upgraded to the newly purchased software by email.


The dongle is non-returnable and non-refundable. Any purchase by the Distributor is final.

These prices do NOT include Value Added Tax (VAT). All payments shall be executed in Euros (). All prices are net to the Principal. All sales are final/irrevocable.